Magic Power Technology's professional R/D and sales teams provide customers service as well as a power supply consultant. We always provide our experience to share with customer how /what efficiency is working ODM/OEM projects. Our capability are covering following special requirements. We are willing to challenge more critical and professional power supplies. Email us to inquiry

*Product Range & Capabilities:

Output power range:
1W - 800W

Open frame/Wall mout plug/Desktop/U-frame/Enclosed/
19 inch technology

Fly back converters/Forward converters/
Half bridge converters/Zero voltage switching converters/
Step down converters/Step up converters

Low quantity requirment:

Number of outputs:
1 set up to 10sets

Input voltage:
AC to DC input voltage

Ambient temperatures:
-40℃ up to 85℃ convection or fan cooled

Lead time for ODM/OEM samples:
8-10 weeks after confirm order

Medical device safety:
Up to CF

*Experience Products & Applications:
Currently, Magic Power's ODM/OEM are covering various applications and design to meet different standard requirements:

Defibrillator (Medical):
Medical CF Class which is low leakage current <10µA (Secondary to Ground) requirment.

X ray scanner (Medical):
250W fanless 8 outputs and all output within 3% regulation at any condition.

Laser treatment (Medical):
2V/60A output, TEC output. Both are controllable be external signal.

Water analyzer:
7 outputs 660W fanless PSU including 500VDC and 130VDC output voltages.

Industrial Printer:
7 outputs operating temp. -25℃ to 65℃ convection cooled; input over voltage detector design.

Outdoor LED Panel:
3V/40A, operating temp. -25℃ to 75℃ convection cooled.

Vehicle (Cars, boat and helicopter):
Input 9~56VDC(6 times range); e1 (car standard in Germany), medical and IP65 (water resistance) approved.

Train application:
Isolated DC/DC, input 72~132VDC and ATX output and design to meet EN50155.

Power producer application:
150W isolated DC/DC input 19-72VDC or 72-260VDC and ATX output. Design to meet EN60255.

LED Driver (Potted):
56W isolated LED driver, input 120-277VAC, constant current output with dimmer function. The product meet UL 8750 requirments.

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