Medical AC/DC - Open frame Single output

MPM-U300 series
MPM-U300 series

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Wattage:  300W fanless in operation, vented up to 360W
Feature:  (1) Direct patient contact BF
(2) IEC/EN 60601-1 3rd edition
(3) Efficiency up to 92%
(4) Compact size and 1U form factor
(5) Leakage current <150μA, therefore, also as in parallel 600/700W available
(6) Single output 12V(11-14V), 24V(19-28VDC), and 36V with 5V additional floating
(7) Optional DC UPS module in preparation
(8) Optional active current sharing module (module redundancy)
Operating Temperature: -20°C~70°C (Derate linearly from 50°C by 2.5 % per °C)
Size: 198 (L) x 97 (W) x 41 (H) mm
Input: 90-264VAC
MPM-U303 +12~14V 360W
MPM-U305 +19~28V 360W
MPM-U30R +36V/+5V 9.72A/2A

See Also:
MPM-G200 series 120/200W, I/P 90-264VAC medical AC/DC switching power supply, standby power < 0.5W.
MPM-X120 series 120W, I/P 90-264VAC, medical desktop AC/DC switching adapter, meet CEC level V.

Iron cover (No.831-U30U)
Multi-voltage outputs with selectable voltages