I.T.E. Industrial DC/DC - Open frame ATX output


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Wattage:  100W with 8.6CFM forced air- cooling, 70W convection cooled
Feature:  (1) Wide input range 9-32V DC/DC ATX converter
(2) Power Good / Power Fail Signal, +5V Stand by & Remote On/Off
(3) U chassis design for thermal conduction
(4) Fully isolated primary and secondary to avoid abnormal input noise
(5) High efficiency up to 85% (32VDC input)
(6) MTBF>130,000 hr. MIL-217F.
Operating Temperature: 0°C ~ 70°C (derating from 50°C by 2.5% per°C )
Size: 128 (L) x 81 (W) x 40 (H) mm
Input: 9-32VDC
output1 +5V 8A
output2 +12V 3A
output3 -12V 0.5A
output4 +3.3V 6A
output5 +5Vsb 0.75A

See Also:
MPD-810H 120W DC/DC ATX converter with wide input range 10-30VDC.
MPD-810H-1 120W DC/DC ATX converter with wide input range 10-30VDC, emphasis on +12V output power.
MPD-810H-V 120W DC/DC ATX converter with high input range 30-120VDC.

Cable (No. 866-806H) : ATX connector, HDD connecter x 2, FDD connector x 1
Input reversed protected board (No. 900-RP01) : a module design for 24V input polarity reversed protected board.