I.T.E. Industrial DC/DC - Open frame Multi outputs


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Wattage:  80W fan cooling, 60W with convection-cooled
Feature:  (1) 3" x 5" compact size with AT output
(2) Fully isolated primary to secondary
(3) Wide range DC input from 10 to 30VDC
(4) Triple outputs, 5V/12V/-12V
(5) Build-in over voltage and over current protection
Operating Temperature: 0°C ~ 50°C
Size: 127 (L) x 76.2 (W) x 38.6 (H) mm
Input: 10-30VDC
output1 +5V 10A
output2 +12V 1.5A
output3 -12V 0.3A

See Also:
MPD-F06B 60W, I/P 10-30VDC, DC/DC power supply with AT output, compact size 2" x 4".
MPD-807H 100/70W, I/P 9-32VDC, DC/DC power supply with ATX output.