I.T.E. Industrial AC/DC - Adapter

MPE-CG36 series
MPE-CG36 series

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Wattage:  20-36W
Feature:  (1) Class II, Universal AC input; 90~264 VAC
(2) External adapter ErP and CEC level V compliant
(3) Continuous Short Circuit Protection
(4) Conductive EMI meet CISPR/FCC Class B
(5) Over voltage protection
(6) Low leakage current < 0.25mA
Operating Temperature:  0°C ~ 60°C (derating from 40°C by 2% per °C)
Size: 110 x 50 x 20 mm, Tolerance+/-0.4mm.
Input: 90-264VAC
MPE-CG36-05 +5V 4A
MPE-CG36-09 +9V 3A
MPE-CG36-12 +12V 2.5A
MPE-CG36-135 +13.5V 2.4A
MPE-CG36-15 +15V 2.4A
MPE-CG36-18 +18V 2A
MPE-CG36-24 +24V 1.5A
MPE-CG36-48 +48V 0.75A

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